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Nathalia Garcia's story as an accomplished make up artist and hair stylist began at an early age where an initial curiosity took root as a talent which she shared by doing makeup for her family and friends. She chose to follow her fascination for the beauty industry and make her first love a craft as she studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at the International Fine Arts College in Miami. It was there that her talents flourished, working as a makeup artist in a variety of settings including photo shoots, events, and fashion shows. Upon graduation she interned with Carolina Herrera in New York. From there she landed her first job with Yves Saint Laurent. Taking what she learned in New York, she came back home to Miami to diversify her knowledge by working freelance as a designer, illustrator and fashion stylist. Marriage then motherhood arrived to become a priority and she chose to dedicate 100% of her time to raising her daughter, Kamila. Her love for the beauty industry proved too strong and she was called back to it with a renewed desire to focus on what she loved best, immersing herself in the wonderful world of makeup.

As time went by, her love for the fashion and beauty industry only grew deeper. She challenged herself to go beyond conventional makeup, and a passion for fantasy and special effects makeup developed. She pursued this to broaden her skills, to further enhance her experience and exposure within the industry. To her, makeup is an endlessly rewarding art form which allows her to connect with the inner beauty of the people she works with and project it for the whole world to see. She feels it crucial to constantly refresh her ideas and draw inspiration from all that surrounds her. The challenges of each new, diverse client excite her and she is always deeply respectful of the responsibility placed on her to make a special event all it can be.

Nathalia's work has appeared in numerous magazines, catalogs, TV shows, and movies. She has gained an international reputation for breathtaking shading, exquisite skin tones, and remarkable use of color. She takes a detail oriented approach to create a flawless look which expresses a natural beauty. She is as at home working in the intimacy of a bridal suite as she is in the frenetic energy of a television studio. Her versatility allows her to work with any client and achieve a wide range of desired results. Her craft is fueled by a great passion and love for what she does. She strives to share that joy with her clients and give them an amazing experience with flawless results. As Nathalia always says she feels blessed and thankful because she does not work a day in her life, "she gets paid to do her hobby."